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“What is leadership? The essence of leadership cannot be reduced to a series of personal attributes nor confined to a set of particular roles and activities. It is like the challenge of describing a bowl: we can describe a bowl in terms of the clay from which it is made. But a true picture must include the hollow that is carved into the clay—the unseen space that defines the bowl’s shape and capacity.”

From the Harvard Business Review - Parables of Leadership

The average office worker spends around 16 hours in meetings each week. That’s over 800 hours a year. For a grand total over an entire career of—are you sitting down?—37,440 hours of meetings. That’s more than 4 years of your precious time…
So you better make them good. Here are 11 tips for having better meetings from some of the world’s most productive people, including Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Nilofer Merchant, Clay Shirky, and more.   (via fastcompany)